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And still on the subject, who here is old enough to remember when Japanese-made was a joke.

That was a few years ago, but the government censorship has not diminished.But American agriculture is the most productive in the world.A long distance ride on a Roadking will have you numb from the vibration and your back screaming in agony.

A large portion of my investments are in international stocks, because as much as I care about the wealth of my nation, I care about the financial future of my family more.In fact, the United States has not even been the biggest loser.In the lower end I would look at the Cubs more that the deere L series just has some better features over the Deere and cub is starting to use briggs as well in there machines this year.

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Always bought a Dodge car untill my last two which were a Toyota Echo and now a Toyota Prius.As productivity rises, employment falls because fewer people are needed.

The service mgr said he had a service bulletin regarding the problem and it was a faulty spring.something to do with the compression release I guess.

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But, I would think if someone came into your establishment demanding free service for a product they purchased elsewhere, you would be a bit reluctant as well.

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And if you get stuck in a traffic jam in hot weather, be prepared to pull over to the shoulder when that antique design air-cooled engine overheats.It depresses me that the bottom end is always the most popular line because so few people appreciate a quality product these days.I consider extended warranties and payday loans in the same category.ripoffs.

Lowes coupons 2017:. bathroom vanities, home decor, patio furniture, hardwood flooring, lawn.Look at it this way, stores can call an extended warranty that is 2 years factory plus 1 year theirs either a 1 year extended warranty or a 3 year extended warranty.Economists at Alliance Capital Management in New York took a close look at employment trends in twenty large economies recently, and found that since 1995, more than 22 million factory jobs have disappeared.

It makes me wonder if these snobby JD dealers showed the same disdain the very first time JD came up with an affordable LT, the STX or any sub 2k machine.But that one was made in Mexico, and mine was made in Janesville, WI.Looks like the JD LA105 and the Cub Cadet LT 1040 are at the same price point.I think you should take another month (and keep an eye on the eBay listings in the meantime).Now I make it a point to thoroughly research and compare for all large purchases.No the 100 series is not made in China, nor was the Cavalier, but they represent the bottom end of the product line.I skipped out on the extended warranty mainly because, I feel they are junk.If JD made sure to build some quality into the LA line by using modern economies of technology and materials, notwithstanding the lower price point, it will emerge unscathed and probably stronger.

Learn how to get latestLowes Coupons Lawn And Garden Lowes Printable Coupons Lowes Coupons Lawn And Garden, Lowes Coupon. lawn mower coupon lowes 11%.But also they are backed by a real JD dealer, they will have the backing dealers decal on them somewhere, the dealer will be made known to you if the decal is not there - Then go to that JD dealer service dept(service manager) (not a salesman) and ask if there is any problem in otaining timely service (warranty or otherwise)on the unit.What all this has to with tractors is getting harder to remember.

Come to think of it pretty much all GM in those days was junk (perhaps Corvette and some trucks excluded).And my dad is still cursing for trading in his fast, comfortable, reliable Gold-wing on a not-fast, not comfortable, not known for reliability Harley-Davidson Road King.I think it comes down to corporate integrity, good design, and not just a little bit of luck.

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